Book Drive Interviews

Interviewee: Anju

Interviewer: Kristy

Kristy - Anju, what is your favorite book?

Anju - I think I have a few, but I've been going with "Watership Down" by Richard Adams, umm I guess it might be for a select group of people who really like reading about rabbits, but it's about this whole rabbit society, it did take me a while to get in like, I had to get to page 100. Until page 100, it was like hiking up a hill, but then it got good because the bunny characters got developed, and they were actual bunnies, it's a very whimsical book. It kind of is though... One of the joys of reading!

Kristy - Ok, are there any second favorites?

Anju - I really liked the Book Thief...

Kristy - I loved the Book Thief!

Anju - I kind of forgot what it was about, but I remember crying during reading it, which is a good sign. I like a lot of Historical fiction, especially like World War II, Holocaust, really cathartic.

Kristy - Yes, me too! I have a recommendation for you.

Anju - So, along those lines, there was a book I read in seventh grade called, "Between Shades of Gray" . It was really intense. I also read "Night" by Ellie Wiesel, which was good, but I can't say it is my favorite.

Anju - Yeah, that was a really great book.

Anju - What's your favorite? Was it an Oscar Wilde book?

Kristy - It changes all the time. "The Picture of Dorian Gray." You should read "Lovely War," by Julie Berry. It's historical fiction and it's about lovers in World War II. I recommend that.

Anju - What's it called again?

Kristy - "Lovely War"

Anju - Isn't that a little ironic? Haha.

Interviewee: Sophie

Interviewer: Kristy

Kristy - Say your name, where you're from and your favorite book.

Sophie - My name is Sophie, I grew up in Hong Kong, but I moved to New York. But I am going to school in Colorado.

Kristy - Very cool!

Sophie - Very exciting. My favorite book is the Book Thief, and the reason why it's my favorite book is because I've never read a book in the perspective of death before, and to have it about the Holocaust, a lot of death is- and it's just a really beautifully written book and it talks about a time in history in such an important way, and I think it conveys like this, like... it combines literature and history in such a beautiful way and I think everyone should read it, always.

Kristy - Thank you so much!

Interviewee: Rachel

Interviewer: Kristy

Rachel: Hi, my name is Rachel and okay we grew up in Hong Kong, we moved here two years ago and I'm also going to Colorado.

Rachel: And that's my twin.

Kristy: Really, oh wow!

[ Laughter ]

Rachel: And my favorite book is also a book about the Holocaust. It's called Ordinary Men.

Kristy: I think I've heard of it.

Rachel: And it's so interesting; we studied it and it's basically the Holocaust from the Nazi perspective and how they were influencing [each other ] to [commit atrocities].

Rachel: And like it's so interesting to understand it from their side as well.

Kristy: Yeah.

Rachel: It teaches you a lot about psychology and how to manipulate the human mind.

Rachel: And I think it's an interesting book, you should definitely read it.

Kristy: I will take a look! Thank you so much. 

Interviewee: Elianna

Interviewer: Kristy

Elianna: My name is Elianna, I do not go to school around here, I'm going to school in Canada. My favorite book is Alice in Wonderland.

Kristy: Why is [Alice in Wonderland] your favorite book?

Elianna: I love [Alice in Wonderland] because it's just so calming; it's just a whole different, like, reality, and it's just so beautiful, like when everything around you is like sucky, like this place is just so magical and funky, it's just beautiful, it's just very anxiety releasing.

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