About Us

The Warbler is a non-profit, student-led organization dedicated to raising awareness about climate and animal injustice around the world. The Warbler is located at New York City and currently holds 60 passionate students yearning to make a change. We aim to achieve this through our three main core values: Environmental Justice, Animal Rights & Conservation, and Climate Justice.

Our Departments

Public Relations

The PR department handles social media and email interactions, maintaining communications in and outside the organization. Additionally, the PR helps organize partnerships, events, and the Warbler newsletter. 

Graphic Designers

The Warbler's graphic designers make regular info-graphics and visuals for the Warbler Instagram. The graphics team works closely with the Researchers and Editors to provide appropriate illustrations when curating each post.

Cover Artists

The cover artists are responsible for creating the graphics for our weekly newsletters and any promotional posts for our Instagram. They work closely with the PR team to deliver a visually appealing product.


Our researchers find factual information from reputable sources and draft initial posts for the Warbler's Instagram Page, as well as website  articles. They work hard in collaboration with other departments to deliver definitive facts.


As The Warbler's editors, they help revise and refine all of the content produced within the Organization. We are responsible for checking facts, spelling, grammar, and punctuation for Instagram posts, newsletters, and other documents.

Policy Analysts

The Organization's policy analysts work on finding legislation that needs to be passed or repealed, contacting local government officials, spreading awareness on current events, and much more!

Treasurers & Campaign

Our job is to organize and execute events, as well as manage the funds of our organization. So far, we've planned two charity events, a virtual panel, and a local campaign on school air quality.

Technology Maintainers

The technology maintainers (formerly web developers) are the ones who made this website! They are also responsible for managing communication and collaboration technologies needed for the Organization.

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